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Minnesota Dance Medicine

Minnesota Dance Medicine is a group of dance medicine professional dedicated to conducting dance research and education while offering specialized treatment for the injured dancer.

Maryann Johnson, PT is a founding member of Minnesota Dance Medicine. For more information please visit:

The human body is not symmetrical; the neurological, respiratory, circulatory and muscular systems are different from the left to right side of your body. Individuals experiencing symptoms at the knee, hip, groin, SI joint, back, shoulder, jaw and neck will often present with a common imbalanced pattern. How your system adapts to that asymmetry effects where your pathology/symptoms occur.

Postural Restoration Institute

New Heights Physical Therapy is a Postural Restoration Certified Cite. We have had advanced training, thru the Postural Restoration Institute, in the diagnosis and treatment of postural adaptation, asymmetrical patterns and the influence of these patterns on multi chain systems throughout the body. We assist you to restore your balance and function.

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